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KBYU Eleven EmploymentFull-Time employment positions at KBYU Eleven, a service of BYU Broadcasting, are hired through the faculty, staff, and administrative employment office of the human resource services at Brigham Young University.

BYU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. As an educational institution affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), BYU gives hiring preference for full-time positions to LDS Church members in good standing. All BYU employees are required to observe the LDS Church Educational System honor code and dress and grooming standards . You can learn more about working at BYU by clicking here.

Full-Time Position Listings
Professional full-time positions at Eleven are posted online as they become available at Y Jobs. Y Jobs is also the place to review position descriptions, create an employment profile, take a skills test, register for a weekly e-mail of current full-time university openings, and even submit your application.

If your organization would like to receive information regarding job openings at BYU Broadcasting, please contact BYU Broadcasting human resources by 801-422-8450 or online.

Full-Time Employment Application Process
All applications for full-time employment at Eleven must be submitted through Y Jobs. To learn more about the application process click here.

Full-Time Position Update

Prime Time Radio Associate Producer (part-time)

Listing #1
Applications accepted from: 12/8/2014 - 1/8/2015

Job Description

1. Production work for a daily, live, talk-radio show (Mon-Fri, 3-hour duration - Functions as support under the direction of the lead producer, under whose guidance this person coordinates all pre-production, production, post-production, and other support for this show. Key duties are acquiring content, booking guests, topical research, creative scripting, host prep, record keeping, and assuring quality in all production values from creative to technical. In addition, this producer coordinates any associated deliverables such as the program’s web-presence or marketing plans. 2. Mentoring student employees in production - Teach and direct students in pre-production activities such as creative design, preparing rundowns, scripts, features, and research activities. Create opportunities for students to perform integral functions in radio, with professional supervision Design and create training tools or documentation for greater efficiency in our deployment of student workers ** All applications must be submitted online at yjobs.byu.edu.

Job Requirements

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE - Minimum Required: 1-2 years attendance at college or university and two years of work in broadcasting, journalism, or related field * Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in a field related to journalism, broadcast, film, communications, theatre, speech, public presentation or performance, language, writing, editing, production, etc. and five years radio production experience, ideally in live presentation scenarios SKILLS, ABILITIES, KNOWLEDGE - Proven production experience (ideally in both studio and remote scenarios). - Broadcast writing ability (achieving a concise, conversational tone). - Experience with creative and presentational elements of producing, as well as knowledge of the technical aspects. - Experience in production studios, control rooms, newsrooms, and with digital media. - Mature journalistic experience is desirable, demonstrating a keen awareness of what’s driving local, national, and international conversations. - Ability to conduct interviews in live context. - Excellent communication skills are essential for internal, external, and on-air communications (exhibiting poise and confidence in dealing with show guests and community leaders). - Must be able to maintain a calm and patient demeanor in a high-pressure radio-production environment. - Demonstrated teaching or mentoring capacity, to guide a team of less experienced employees, particularly student employees. - Additional skills that will define a successful candidate are strong editorial judgment in support of BYU aims and values, as well as solid artistic judgment; creative scriptwriting skills; organizational or project management skills; advanced skills with audio editing software; and a good sense for healthy public relations. ** All applications must be submitted online at yjobs.byu.edu.

Full-Time Application Questions
Please direct additional questions regarding full-time employment at Brigham Young University to:

Employment Services Staff and Administration
Brigham Young University
D-70 ASB, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: 801-422-3563
Fax: 801-422-0209
E-mail: staff_employment@byu.edu