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KBYU Eleven EmploymentFull-Time employment positions at KBYU Eleven, a service of BYU Broadcasting, are hired through the faculty, staff, and administrative employment office of the human resource services at Brigham Young University.

BYU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. As an educational institution affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), BYU gives hiring preference for full-time positions to LDS Church members in good standing. All BYU employees are required to observe the LDS Church Educational System honor code and dress and grooming standards . You can learn more about working at BYU by clicking here.

Full-Time Position Listings
Professional full-time positions at Eleven are posted online as they become available at Y Jobs. Y Jobs is also the place to review position descriptions, create an employment profile, take a skills test, register for a weekly e-mail of current full-time university openings, and even submit your application.

If your organization would like to receive information regarding job openings at BYU Broadcasting, please contact BYU Broadcasting human resources by 801-422-8450 or online.

Full-Time Employment Application Process
All applications for full-time employment at Eleven must be submitted through Y Jobs. To learn more about the application process click here.

Full-Time Position Update

Unit Production Manager

Listing #1
Applications accepted from: 8/15/2014 - 8/22/2014

Job Description

1. Create, track and maintain budgets for multiple concurrent projects. - UPM and Producer meet to collaborate regarding the project. - UPM then proceeds with Scope and Definition to create the budget. - UPM and Producer finalize budget. - UPM then creates the internal Project Initiation Document (PID). 2. Work closely with the Producer’s to help them achieve their creative goals while keeping the projects on time and budget. - One of the goals of the UPM is to deliver the best show possible while keeping within budget parameters and maintaining the Producer’s creative goals. 3. Oversee and train students working as UPMs - Students are valuable to each project but need leadership and training to be able run a project. They need to know how to create and track a budget, manage a film crew and set. Track post production and deliverables. The FT UPM will manage their training. 4. Coordinate the logistics of each project. - Each project has its own set of logistics, which can include: booking travel, hotels and cars; hiring crew members; reserving in house equipment and facilities; booking external equipment; securing outside shooting locations, generating contracts for crew, vendors and talent; coordinating talent 5. During production, ensure that all crew and cast members, vendors and equipment are informed of location and call time. Make sure the set runs efficiently and keep to the daily scheduled work. - A call sheet and map are generated for each shoot day. All crew, talent and vendors need to be given a call time for each shoot day. - The UPM needs to ensure that the crew stays on schedule each day. - The UPM is in charge of running the set efficiently and handling any problems that may arise throughout the day. The UPM needs to make sure that the set is being run safely. 6. Coordinate needed crew and equipment in house as well as with outside vendors. - A large amount of equipment and crew is needed to shoot a project. The UPM needs to determine what resources can be used in house and book those. The remainder of the resources will need to be book using outside vendors and crew. The UPM will negotiate rates and contracts for these vendors and crewmembers. 7. Oversee the postproduction process to ensure the project is completed on time and ready for broadcast. After the project has been shot, the UPM needs to deliver to post production for ingest into the system. They then oversee the postproduction process to ensure the project is flowing through the system while making sure the costs are in line with the budget. The UPM needs to make sure the project is ready for broadcast prior to the scheduled airdate. 8. Work closely with BYUB Accounting to ensure all invoices, time cards and other financial documents on projects are properly managed. - The UPM needs to distribute and collect paperwork so each vendor or crewmember can be paid for his or her service. This entails proper signatures, W-2’s, W-9’s, timecards or invoices. They then needed to be coded with the appropriate account number and submitted to accounting for processing. 9. Create contracts for outside vendors. - The UPM gathers all information needed to generate for the contract and submits to legal. 10. Work closely with BYUB’s General Counsel to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to on projects. - The UPM needs to deliver the following completed forms: call sheets, production reports, location releases, talent releases ** All applications must be submitted online at yjobs.byu.edu.

Job Requirements

EDUCATION - Minimum Required: Bachelor’s degree in Film, Business or related field OR equivalent experience (ie 4 additional years of relevant work experience) Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Film, Business or related field is preferred * YEARS OF EXPERIENCE - Minimum Required: A full time UPM must have 3 years of relevant professional work experience. Preferred: 5 plus years of relevant experience is preferred * SKILLS, ABILITIES, OR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED - A deep knowledge of production practices as well as methods for tracking and managing budgets is required. The person must have a demonstrated understanding of the film/television industry Experience effectively managing production/financial resources. The ability to multitask is a must. ** All applications must be submitted online at yjobs.byu.edu.

Full-Time Application Questions
Please direct additional questions regarding full-time employment at Brigham Young University to:

Employment Services Staff and Administration
Brigham Young University
D-70 ASB, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: 801-422-3563
Fax: 801-422-0209
E-mail: staff_employment@byu.edu