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KBYU Eleven Student EmploymentAs part of BYU Broadcasting’s educational mission, KBYU Eleven provides extensive mentored learning opportunities for Brigham Young University students in all areas of operation, including production, engineering, design, programming, accounting, information technology, human resources, fund-raising, community outreach, news, and broadcast operations. While much of the student learning experience comes through class projects or internships, Eleven also employs a number of students on a part-time basis.

Part-Time Student Position Listings
Part-Time student positions at Eleven are posted by BYU’s student employment office. Student employment helps connect students with on-campus employers and vice versa. Available jobs are posted in their office (2024 WSC) and online at jobs.byu.edu. Student jobs at Eleven and BYU Broadcasting can be found using the search functionality of the BYU student employment Web site. To learn more about student employment opportunities and services click here.

Requirements for Part-Time Student Employment
To be eligible for employment by Eleven and BYU Broadcasting, students must meet the following criteria in accordance with university policy:

  • Student employment is limited to current BYU students in good standing.
  • Students who are U.S. citizens must carry at least 6 undergraduate credit hours or 2 graduate credit hours per semester in a day continuing (degree-seeking) program during two consecutive semesters.
  • Students who are NOT U.S. citizens must carry at least 12 undergraduate credit hours or 9 graduate credit hours per semester in a day continuing (degree-seeking) program during two consecutive semesters.
  • All employees must observe the LDS Church Educational System honor code and dress and grooming standards
  • Student employees who are U.S. citizens are limited to working 20 hours (30 hours for graduate students working within their field of study) per week during the fall and winter semesters.
  • International students are restricted to working 19 hours per week.
Student Employment Questions
For additional questions regarding part-time student employment at Brigham Young University contact the BYU student employment office online or at

Student Employment Office
Brigham Young University
2024 WSC, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: 801-422-3561
E-mail: student_hire@byu.edu