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KBYU Eleven is a viewer-supported public television service of BYU Broadcasting and Brigham Young University and broadcasts to the state of Utah and parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Nearly 1 million viewers tune in each week for educational, entertaining, and uplifting programs.

For 45 years Eleven has proudly aired the best of PBS, as well as original family-friendly productions by BYU and like-minded independent producers. The station is transmitted via direct broadcast, television translators, and cable carriers throughout its broadcast area. On June 12, 2009, KBYU ended analog transmission as part of the federally mandated digital television conversion.

You’ll notice we’re now KBYU Eleven. There are a number of reasons for this change, the greatest being our desire to reinforce our connection with the community, get back to our roots, and further distinguish ourselves from sister station BYU Television.

On Sept. 25, 1962, BYU was granted a license to operate Channel 11—which at the time was the only TV station allocated for the Provo area—and on Dec. 6 of the same year we were were authorized to operate the station as an educational, noncommercial channel. Construction complications prevented our beginning broadcasts until Nov. 8, 1965, but since the beginning we have been known throughout the state as Channel 11.


Eleven is dedicated to serving the community through television programming and community outreach that reflect the values essential to our community and sponsoring institution, Brigham Young University. As part of our mission, we air family-focused and educational programs that educate, entertain, and uplift.

Our Services

Eleven—A Utah-focused channel featuring a variety of PBS and family programs.

Create—A nationally scheduled channel featuring the best of public television DIY, cooking, gardening, travel, and craft programs.

Sprout—A nationally scheduled channel featuring around-the-clock preschool programming that is available via digital cable and satellite television.


Our Web site is a unique destination for viewers and friends of Eleven and offers detailed program information; a kids’ area complete with games, activities, and on-demand viewing of full episodes and program excerpts; guides to Utah resources; and bonus material from many of our shows.

In the Community

As a local television station we are actively involved in the community, especially through Ready To Learn®. This unique public service is a concentrated effort to prepare children to learn before and when they start school. Through unique workshops across the state, we help parents learn ways to combine educational television programs with reading and engaging activities to better foster learning and literacy. We distribute over a thousand children’s books each month to workshop participants, which benefits nearly 1,800 children a month.

Student Mentoring

Our role as a service of Brigham Young University gives us the chance to help college students develop a variety of skills and experience in preparation for their future careers. Much of the work at Eleven is performed by college students who have jobs and responsibilities integral to our daily operation. Their work is mentored by full-time employees who share the knowledge and skills necessary to a college student’s success in media and other fields.