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Aspect Ratio

Have you ever wondered why some television programs have black bars around them? Do you want to know why the image on your TV set looks stretched out? The answers to these questions involve understanding the term aspect ratio. Simply stated, aspect ratio is the size of your picture, taking into account the ratio of width to height of an image. To learn more about how aspect ration affects the way you see KBYU Eleven, click here.

High-Definition Television

HD High-definition television (HDTV) uses higher resolution than traditional standard definition televisions (SDTV), meaning that picture quality is much greater. Another difference between HD and SD is the size of the picture, also known as aspect ratio (see Aspect Ratio above). KBYU Eleven doesn’t currently broadcast in HD but is planning to switch in the near future. At that time, an HDTV will not be necessary to view Eleven unless you want to take advantage of the screen resolution and quality that is HD’s trademark. As our plans unfold we will post additional information about what this means and how it will affect you.