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Nearly everyone has been affected by our strained economy. In all of the financial chaos, misinformation and even fraud are prevalent. To provide a trusted place to turn, we’ve pulled together a bit of “economic cents” to give direction and resources in the crisis. We're here to help. Beyond KBYU Eleven, there are many organizations and resources that can help. Call 2-1-1 Information and Referral to find the right resources for you.
Economic Cents
Program Descriptions
Retirement Revolution, The New Reality
The months since Spring 2008 have not been kind to the American economy or to the retirement accounts of millions of Americans. "The New Reality" talks to experts who analyze the financial problems of retirement and demonstrate ways to richer, healthier retirement years including personal stories and solid advice about money, health and Medicare.

MoneyTrack, Kids and Money
Fourteen-year-old Damon Williams is a model investor with 50,000 dollars already accumulated. Viewers learn how he did it and the role his mother played in his investment strategy. The Scam Alert focuses on a pyramid scheme that preys on college students.

Retirement Revolution, Hazards and Vicissitudes
This episode illustrates the origins of retirement and how it has evolved over the past several decades, from the Depression era, the birth of Social Security and Medicare to today's climate of economic uncertainty and what it means for baby boomers' financial futures.

Real Families Real Answers, Family Finances
In these turbulent economic times finances add additional stress to family life. Dr. Deana Sharpe, of the University of Missouri, shares tips for family financial planning, including how successful families identify their financial goals and create budgets to manage their resources. The Hughes family of Bedford, New Hampshire and the Beverlys from Henderson, Nevada, identify the strategies and behaviors that have helped them in their efforts to keep money concerns from damaging their relationship.

What’s Up in Finance?
WHAT'S UP IN FINANCE? is a fast-paced documentary-style program for teens and families hosted by Kwame Jackson, runner-up from the first season of The Apprentice, recipient of a Harvard M.B.A. and founder of the private equity firm Legacy Holdings, LLC. The program features inspiring stories of teens and 20-somethings around the country who are taking control of their financial futures, finding their financial footing and preparing themselves for satisfying careers in the business world. Segments include: "Moving Out," "Green Chic" and "The Dealmakers."

Retirement Revolution, On Our Own
This episode continues to explore the challenges baby boomers face today and helps viewers assume personal responsibility so they will be able to plan for retirement on their own terms.

Living Essentials from BYU, Employment
This episode of Living Essentials focuses on employment; how to get it and how to keep it. It portrays the story of the Anderson family who has dealt with unemployment for over eleven months. We also hear about the Sorensons who had prepared themselves financially for unemployment and were able to survive twelve months without a job. We also profile Ann Brinkerhoff who has focused on education as a means to maintain her marketability and move up the ladder. We'll hear from employment experts on how to improve your chances of getting a job and what is expected of you once you have it.

Living Essentials from BYU, Finding the Right Job for You
The purpose of this episode is to provide practical information on how to effectively find employment. We will define skills and strategies needed to generate employment opportunities. We will also explore the sources available to those looking for employment.

Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times
"Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times" features brief documentaries of real-life families and the story of a Muppet family coping with the ups and downs of these uncertain economic times. Hosted by Al Roker and Deborah Roberts, Elmo and his friends, the special offers help, hope, strategies for families, and encourages children to express their feelings and ideas as their families adjust to a new life.

MoneyTrack, Sandwich Generation
Millions of baby boomers in America are being forced to take care of their growing children and their aging parents. Meet Bob and Jeanie Turner, a typical example of the sandwich generation. MoneyTrack shows how to manage these financial and emotional strains.

MoneyTrack, Money and Marriage
The old adage rings true: Two heads are better than one. When Bill and Debbie Reslock's architecture firm took a major hit, they decided that they would not let the financial stresses demolish their marriage. Pam and Jack show how to keep a relationship above water, even during major financial storms.

Your Life, Your Money
Hosted by Donald Faison, this program presents a broad range of fundamental financial information for young adults; from basic banking to credit debt. It encourages young people to be smart and proactive when it comes to their money.

MoneyTrack, Real Estate: Is It Really Your Best Investment?
Casey Serin is a young man who bought eight homes in eight months through no money down and became addicted to house flipping. Pam and Jack show viewers less risky ways to invest in real estate with help from Morningstar.com. The Scam Alert gives you the real scoop on no money down real estate deals.

MoneyTrack, Real Estate
The housing bubble may have burst, but creative thinkers are finding ways to make the most out of a bad situation. Jack Gallagher hits the streets of Sacramento to explain how real estate can still be part of a safe, long-term investment strategy.