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Ask Eleven: End of Life

by oliviabown 21. November 2016 13:58

Few of us are comfortable talking about death, whether our own or a loved one’s. It is a scary, even taboo, subject for many. The end of a life, no matter how long and well lived, can bring with it a sense of loss and sadness. It can also be a reminder of our own mortality, so we may avoid even thinking about death. This is normal -- but death is normal, too. All of us will face it at some point.

Because the end of life is hard to predict, it is best to plan ahead. You might want to start by asking yourself or a loved one, “What is the best way to plan for the end of life?”  No matter how a person chooses to approach the end of their life, there are some common hopes -- nearly everyone says they do not want to die in pain or to lose their dignity. Planning for end-of-life care, also known as advance care planning, can help ensure such hopes are fulfilled. (

Sharing your wishes for end of life care can bring you closer to those you love.  Below are some tools to help you figure out what you want if something happens to you, more importantly it can help prepare family and friends to carry out your wishes.  (

We hope that these resources will offer you and your loved ones peace of mind and comfort as you counsel together about preparing for end of life.]



ASK ELEVEN Preparing for End of Life resource guide (2) (1).docx (15.15 kb)


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Ask Eleven About Autism

by md466 2. June 2016 14:24

KBYU Eleven's Ask Eleven About Autism answers questions about the resources available to individuals with autism in Utah. Professors Mikle South and Terisa Gabrielsen, experts from BYU Autism Connect, joined host Rebecca Cressman to take questions from viewers during the Monday, April 4 live broadcast. Watch the full special here

In addition to Ask Eleven About Autism, we have compiled a resource list of organizations in Utah that serve individuals with autism. This resource list was created by KBYU Eleven in conjunction with the broadcast of Ask Eleven About Autism. Those included are primarily non-profit organizations and agencies, however there may be fees associated with some of the services they offer. There are also a number of for-profit entities in Utah that provide valuable services. This list does not constitute or imply a recommendation by KBYU or Brigham Young University.

Access our resource list here.




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Brigham City Peach Days

by Eleven 11. July 2014 09:42

The Brigham City Peach Days commemorates the fruit that Brigham City sure knows how to grow well. Brigham City Peach Days officially starts on Wednesday September 3rd, but the main events, like the parades, live entertainment and car show, will take place on the 5th and the 6th. Without a doubt, the star of the festival is the peach, and there will be plenty of fresh peaches and delicious peach recipes to try.

To learn more about Brigham City Peach Days click here.

To watch this episode of Community Connection click here.


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Aware of Angels

by Eleven 10. July 2014 16:05

Even with the incredible advances we've had in medical technology many suffering from chromosome/genetic disorders are facing difficulty in being treated. Aware of Angels works to raise awareness and promote research for those children who face such circumstances, bond together their families, and remember those who have been lost. The group does this through beautiful photography and stories which highlight the angels who face such chromosome/genetic disorders.

To learn more about the Aware of Angels project and how to help click here.

To watch this episode of Community Connection click here.


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Utah Care Planning Council

by Eleven 2. July 2014 11:08

Families with older members may face crisis, and the need for care at any moment. The Utah Care Planning Council helps proced elder care solutions. This means that it provides educational materials on the need for elder care planning before a crisis occurs within a family, lists of reources from the state and federal governments that assist in elder care and planning, and lists of expert services to help families plan for and deal with elder care. Discussions to plan for the future need to be had sooner rather than later so that all members of the family can equally participate, and adequate planning and preparation is taken before an incident occurs.

To learn more about the Utah Care Planning Council and the resources it provides click here.

To watch this episode of Community Connection click here.


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