Exploring Emotions

by tr223 27. December 2010 20:45

television that teaches

Here are some recommended programs to VIEW with your child.

  • Arthur What Scared Sue Ellen
  • Cyberchase Spheres of Fear
  • Word World Hoppin' with the Bug Band, Duck's First sleepover OR My Fuzzy Valentine
  • Thomas and Friends Feeling
  • Sesame Street Bird's Nest Sale OR Grouch News Network
  • Super Why! Jack and the Beanstalk


an age-appropriate storybook on a similar topic

Select a story to READ with your child. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Feelings by Aliki
  • Glad Monsters, Sad Monster, a book about Feelings by Ed Emberley    
  • Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods that Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis


a hands-on activity to reinforce learning

Select an activity to DO with your child. Here is a suggestion.

  • Help your child create a book of their feelings. Have them illustrate (draw) pictures of how they feel. This can be accomplished in many ways.
    • Let them choose a COLOR they feel like and draw a picture using only that color or have them draw what they look like when they are experiencing that particular emotion.
    • Have them draw a picture of what makes the feel BETTER when they are experiencing certain emotions.


  • Help your child create a paper bag monster that shows how they are feeling. Provide several items to help them create their Feelings Puppet (construction paper, glue, crayons, yarn, etc).


  • Take your child on an Emotions Dress-Up hunt to find articles of clothing that help to express how they are feeling. Maybe it is a certain color, pattern, or texture. Maybe it a variety of types of clothing. Let them be creative and take a picture of their OUTFIT when you are done.






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