PBS Kids Curriculum

by tr223 2. March 2011 01:18

KBYU Eleven – Helping parents help their children.

The PBS Kids Programs on KBYU Eleven are designed on research-based curriculum and address a wide variety of topics, age specific learning abilities, and promote a child's natural curiosity to help them learn. Below are links to pages that provide specific ways that parents can enhance their child's learning experiences through quality educational programs, explain the research behind these programs, and information about the educational philosophy of each program.

PBS Kids, for preschoolers, and PBS KIDS GO!, for early elementary school kids, inspire and nurture curiosity and a love of learning in children. KBYU Eleven offers all children – from every walk of life – opportunities for exploration and discovery through content on television, mobile devices, new media, the web and community programs.

Many Utah children have limited early opportunities to explore the worlds of literacy, language, math, science and the arts. Cultural, geographic and economic barriers stand between them and important learning opportunities. KBYU Eleven and PBS is helping overcome these barriers, expanding access to these worlds, giving children the tools they need to learn reading, science and math and providing them with a greater chance to reach their full potential.

Click on the link below to find:

  • Educational activities to do with children
  • Ways to expand learning by applying concepts from programs to everyday experiences and learning
  • Safe, fun, and educational interactive online games
  • The research behind the programs and educational objectives

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