Quizstar Utah Career Ladder Certification

by sarah93 15. October 2012 21:22

KBYU Eleven is happy to announce free internet resources supporting our commitment to children and families. Included in these resources are 12 child development Ready To Learn video workshops that can be utilized to complete 10 hours of Utah Career Ladder credit. How does this work?

Participants watch the 12 workshops (35-45 minutes each) through our website, kbyueleven.org. These workshops are research based and have been tested in our Utah community for the past ten years. Participants will also have free access to companion participation notebooks for each section. These notebooks contain teaching tools and simple suggestions for enriching a child’s environment.


After completing each workshop, participants take a quiz to review what they have learned using QuizStar (http://quizstar.4teachers.org), a free website that administers and automatically grades quizzes online. Participants will register on the Quiz Star site, which is free and easy to do. By clicking “Student Login Page”, participants can create a new student account.





Once they have registered and signed in, participants click the yellow “Search” tab and under Class #1 search “KBYU Ready To Learn”.






The search will retrieve our KBYU class under instructor name” Diena Simmons”. Participants should click the box to the left of this class and select “Register”.





Once successfully registered for the class, participants may click the blue “Classes” tab and access all untaken quizzes.




Each quiz will have 10 questions randomly selected by the quiz generator from a pool of 30 questions. A time limit of 30 minutes is assigned to each quiz. After taking each quiz, participants should print the score sheet that documents that they have taken and passed the quiz for that workshop. A grade of 7/10 or higher is considered passing.


Once all quizzes have been completed, participants mail the 12 score sheets and KBYU Cover Letter (available on our website) to the Child Care Professional Development Institute for credit:



Child Care Professional Development Institute (CCPDI)

6715 Old Main Hill

Logan, Utah  84322



Please direct any questions concerning the KBYU Ready To Learn Career Ladder Certification to:

Diena Simmons 

KBYU Eleven Station Manager



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