What About Spring?

by tr223 3. February 2011 21:09

television that teaches


Here are some recommended programs to VIEW with your child 

  • Curious George George Digs Worms - The countryside catches worm-racing fever when George's prize worm enters a championship race.
  • Sid the Science Kid The Dirt on Dirt - Sid and his friends learn about the importance of dirt in making things grow.
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That Nest Best Thing – Nick and Sally have found some bird eggs in their backyard, but their nest is destroyed. Where are they going to keep them? The Cat in the Hat brings them to an expert nest builder, Mrs. Robin, who show the children how to build a nest especially for the homeless eggs.
  • Super Why! Peter Rabbit - The Super Readers fly into "Peter Rabbit," where they try to stop the bunny from munching the vegetables in people's gardens.
  • Between the Lions The Carrot Seed / The Empty Pot - A seed that's planted and watered usually sprouts if you're patient, but what happens when the flower seed you plant for the Emperor doesn't grow?


an age-appropriate storybook on a similar topic

Select a story to READ with your child. Here are a few suggestions.

  • That's What Happens When It's Spring! By Elaine W. Good – The sights, sounds, colors, and special feelings of spring come alive as they are experienced through the eyes of a youngster.
  • It's Spring! By Linda Glaser – A child observes the arrival of spring and its effects on plants and animals (includes suggestions for nature study projects).
  • The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring by Lucille Clifton – In the middle of the city, two young friends set out to find Spring. Their search ends in a most unlikely but utterly convincing discovery.
  • Spring by Nuria Roca – Large and beautiful color illustrations on every page of this book will appeal especially to early grades boys and girls. Kids will also love having the simply written descriptive text read to them as they gaze at the charming pictures –and as they get just a little older; they'll be able to read the text by themselves.


a hands-on activity to reinforce learning

Select an activity to DO with your child. Here is a suggestion.

  • Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt – Take your child on a scavenger hunt to search for signs of spring. Consider going to the park, walking through your neighborhood, or around your own yard. Talk about how you know, what you are seeing are signs that spring is coming.
  • Signs of Spring Book - Help your child be an author. Decide how you want to "illustrate" your book. Do you want to take pictures? Do you want to draw what you see in a small notebook? Do you want to collect signs of spring? After you have decided how to help your child illustrate, go on a walk to collect the images of spring. Talk about what you see. When you get home, help your child create a book about what you saw on your walk.




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