What Can I Do For My Child?

by tr223 21. March 2011 19:49

As a parent or caregiver, you are the first evaluator of your child's development. Understanding how they develop can help you make sure they are on track for success. Learn how to use your child's natural curiosity to help them learn and develop critical fundamental school to help them prepare to enter school Ready To Learn®.

1 Benefits of the Media and The Learning Triangle

2 Rhymers are Readers: The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

3 Music Is a Must!

4 Storytelling: You Can do It!

5 The Brain: How Children Develop

6 The FUNdamental Powers of Play

7 What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel?

8 Who Is My Child? Workbook

  As you use this guide to help you understand your child temperament, think CHILD

     Consider the temperament of your child and describe it.

     How does his/her temperament affect the way he/she acts and what he/she does?

     Identify your own temperament and how you discipline and guide your child.

     Look at how you are alike and different.

     Develop ways to help your child fit his/her temperament with his/her world.

9 Math Is Everywhere!

10 Learning Through the Early Years: The Benefits of Repetition and Variation

11 Shared Reading: Tools to Bring Literacy to Life

12 Building Blocks: The Sequence of Emergent Literacy Skills

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