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Real Familes, Real Answers Real Families, Real Answers shows how real people can effectively overcome the real challenges of everyday family life.  Narrated by author and journalist Jane Clayson Johnson, each insightful 30-minute episode deals with issues that affect nearly all families at one time or another.   Award-winning director Blair Treu and his crew of filmmakers spent the better part of a year traveling across the United States living with families of various sizes, backgrounds and circumstance.   There are no actors; there are no made up situations.  “Some people enjoy sitting back and watching a dysfunctional family yell and scream at each other – that’s not what we’re about,” Treu said. “We’re celebrating the things that families are doing right; accepting the fact that they’re not perfect and that there are things that they can do better. ” Filmed in high definition, Real Families, Real Answers brings together nationally recognized authors as well as scholars from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities to provide insightful, relevant commentary on resolving and avoiding family conflict, strengthening family relationships, protecting family time, effectively dealing with anger, becoming a better parent and managing family finances. The series also gives insight on how real families successfully handle single parenting, avoid and overcome pornography in the home and rise above the devastation that accompanies family tragedies.  Designed for families to watch together, each engaging Real Families, Real Answers episode will provide viewers with practical ideas and techniques they can start using in their own homes right now. For additional information please visit http://realfamiliesrealanswers.org

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