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Martha Speaks: Martha's Chair/TD the Pack Rat
Martha's Chair Martha's family has a birthday surprise - a new dog bed! After a few sleepless nights, the family realizes that Martha misses her stinky old chair. But Mrs. Demson bought it and has plans of her own for the chair after she sees one just like it on Antiques Roadshow. Vocabulary (E) antique, donate(d), upholstery, profit(ed), valuable (I) furniture, worth(less), rich, cost, clean(ing)(ed)(ers) TD the Pack Rat TD has too much junk! TD's mom makes him an offer: He can keep everything he has, as long as he doesn't bring anything else home. Does TD have the willpower? Vocabulary (E) worthless, rubbish, clutter, salvage(d), priceless, perspective(s) (I) garbage, junk, collect(ion), keep, sell
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