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Martha Speaks: Martha Puts Out the Lights, Part 1&2
Martha Puts Out the Lights, Part 1: For Martha and the other dogs, Saturday night fireworks are the worst part of summer, and Mrs. Demson couldn't agree more. In fact, she's trying to get people to sign a petition to ban fireworks. Can Martha get enough signatures to make summer less scary for dogs? (1st of two parts). Vocabulary: (E) petition, illegal, cause, picket(ing), goal, ban(ning)(ed), protest(ing) - (I) sign(ning)(ed), ask(ing), "on strike". Martha Puts Out the Lights, Part 2: Helen and her friends are devastated about the fireworks ban. Martha realizes that she helped Mrs. Demson ruin their fun, but can she find a way to reverse the ban and still protect her sensitive ears? (2nd of two parts). Vocabulary: (E) purpose, signature(s), unite, majority, prohibit(ed) - (I) fireworks, summer, write, support(ed).
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.