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Martha Speaks: Martha in the White House (Pts. 1 & 2)
Martha in the White House, part 1 The new president is looking for a dog to live in the White House. Martha knows the perfect dog for the job! What better way to recommend some of her neighborhood pals than to put in a few calls to the White House herself? (1st of two parts) Vocabulary (E) neighborhood, nation(al), volunteer, recommend(ing), community, nominate (I) president, white house, leader, country Martha in the White House, part 2 The president is calling! One of his aides heard about Martha's speaking ability and he needs her to report to the White House immediately. But why does the president want Martha? Is there a top-secret cat conspiracy? (2nd of two parts) Vocabulary (E) mission, function(ing), appoint(ed)(ing)(ment), advise/advisor, representative(s), cabinet (I) aide(s), serve(d), official, secretary
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