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Martha Speaks: Verb Dog, When Action Calls!/Martha's Adverb Adventure
Verb Dog, When Action Calls! Struck by a falling book of five-hundred-and-one English Verbs, Martha instantly becomes - Verb Dog! Using her unique superpower to control people with verbs, Martha sniffs out trouble and defends the town from evil. Vocabulary: (E) verb, amublate, elevate, descend, (un)petrify Martha's Adverb Adventure Weaselgraft and Pablum have a new invention that is sure to make them rich again. The Adverbalizer activates adverbs - giving the user the ability to make things happen completely, sloppily, instantly? Of course T.D. orders one...immediately! Vocabulary: (E) sloppily, instantly, immediately, completely, adverb
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.