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Martha Speaks: Martha's Life in Crime, Part 1 & 2
Martha's Life in Crime, part 1 Martha tells the story of her puppy days in the animal shelter and her excitement of finding a family. But it turns out that Helen wasn't the first person who adopted Martha. (1st of two parts) Vocabulary (E) autobiography, possib(le)(ilities), yearn(ed), promis(e)(ing), narrate(d), flashback (I) tell(ing), back then, now, recall, before Martha's Life in Crime, part 2 Puppy Martha's new owner turns out to have unsavory plans for her. Can Martha turn the tables on the bumbling crooks and still find a family? (2nd of two parts) Vocabulary (E) reminiscing, background, aspire(d)(ations), sequence (I) time, past, wish(ed), happened, when
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.