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Martha Speaks: Alice Covers Up/Carolina Picks a Lily
Alice Covers Up It's a pool party! Everyone is going, including Aliceā€¦ until she becomes involved in a strange cover-up. Vocabulary (E) (self)confiden(t)(ce), complexion, timid, outgoing, bashful (I) color, sort, brand, fair/fair-skinned, dye Carolina Picks a Lily Carolina adopts a new puppy, and she's so excited. It matches her purse! But when the gang points out the pup won't stay pocketbook-sized for long (check out those paws!), she regrets her impulsive adoption. Will they be able to find a home for Lily? Vocabulary (E) shallow, temperament, vicious, impulsive, foster, hypoallergenic (I) sweet, type, breed, kind, nasty
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