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Dinosaur Train: A Heck of a Neck/Gilbert Visits the Nest
A Heck of a Neck The Pteranodon kids have a Nature Trackers adventure when they meet Denise Diplodocus, a super-long, super big dinosaur. At first the kids mistake Denise's neck for a snake, and tail as a bridge. Later, Denise amazes the kids, telling them how hard it is for her to raise up her long, heavy neck. Shiny and the others help her raise her neck higher than normal just once, but it feels better for Denise to keep closer to the ground and low-lying trees. Educational Objectives Recent research suggests that the neck of the Diplodocus was composed of at least fifteen vertebrae and were generally held parallel to the ground and unable to have been elevated much past horizontal. This means that Diplodocus were restricted to foods within about 30 feet of the ground. Gilbert Visits the Nest Shiny is nervous about Gilbert's impending visit to Pteranodon Terrace. She goes into a cleaning frenzy, wanting everything to look perfect, and her siblings to act perfectly. When Gilbert arrives, everyone starts having fun except Shiny who feels ignored. Soon Gilbert and the other kids persuade Shiny to join them, and they all eat, play, and laugh together. Educational Objectives Sassafras is a tree that grows 30-59 feet tall, with many slender branches, and smooth, orange-brown bark. All parts of the tree are very fragrant. The young leaves and twigs produce a citrus-like scent when crushed. Sassafras trees can be found living today. The gastropod shell is a part of the body of a snail and is used for protection from predators.
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