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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Rain Game/No SSSweater Is Better
Rain Game Sally wants to water the plants in her backyard, but it's hot and sunny outside. They need rain, and lots of it! Good thing the Cat in the Hat knows exactly where to go to get some: the rain forest! With the assistance of some toucans and the singing of howler monkeys, they explore each level of the rain forest, eventually reaching the top and the rain! Educational Objective: Rainforest - there are different layers of the rainforest and the tree canopy acts like a giant umbrella, preventing the rain from reaching the ground. We meet some of the creatures who live in the canopy: Toucans and Howler Monkeys (who howl when it rains.) No SSSweater is Better Nick's favorite sweater is too small and he doesn't want to change it. The Cat in the Hat has a friend with the exact same problem! He brings them to meet Slyde the snake who shows Nick and Sally how he sheds his skin when it gets too small for him. Educational Objective: Snake Skin - why snakes shed their skin. As a snake grows too big for its skin, it must shed it with the help of the environment around it.
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