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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: The Lost Egg/Hold on Tight
The Lost Egg The kids are decorating the tree house for a party. The Cat knows the world's most fantabulous decorator: Stan the bower bird! Stan teaches the kids how to decorate with almost anything--shells, leaves, and pebbles. Now they can have a party in their own fantabulously decorated tree house! Educational Objective: The bower bird builds and decorates a fancy nest called a bower. Other kinds of birds build different sorts of nests -- and birds aren't the only creatures who build nests and lay eggs. Hold on Tight Nick is trying to hang onto the monkey bars but can't. The Cat takes him and Sally to meet the best holder-on-ever, his tiny little friend Larry the limpet. After shrinking down to limpet size, Nick and Sally learn how to hang onto the rocks with the help of natural hand- and footholds, some sticky stuff on their feet, and plain old perseverance. Now Nick knows that in order to stay on the monkey bars, he needs to keep trying! Educational Objective: Limpets, although small, have a mighty powerful grip.
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