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Maps Nick and Sally are pretending to be pirates. The Cat takes them on a real pirate adventure by following a treasure map! They use landmarks to find their way to a real pirate treasure: parchment paper and ink pens to make their own pirate maps! Educational Objective: Maps and Landmarks - a map is like a picture of a place, which you can use to find your way around. Maps show the location of landmarks and natural features. Termite Towers Sally and Nick just can't seem to keep their block tower from toppling over. The Cat in the Hat takes them to meet some expert tower builders: the termites! After shrinking down to bug-size, they learn from Terry termite how to build a tower that won't wiggle and wobble. With some engineering tips from a termite, Sally and Nick can build their block tower higher than before! Educational Objective: With sand mixed with a special glue in their spit African termites build high towers, which are quite stable because the base is wider than the upper parts of the tower.
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