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Thump Nick is trying to make his mother a surprise lunch, but she keeps coming into the kitchen! If only there was a way for him to know when she was coming. The Cat takes Nick and Sally to meet his friend Twitch the rabbit. Twitch and her bunnies teach Nick and Sally how to stop, look and listen. Now that Sally can warn Nick when his mom is coming, they're able to surprise her with lunch! Educational Objective: Rabbits - How rabbits sniff, look and listen to detect danger, and warn others by thumping their back paw. Squirreled Away Nick can't remember where he put his yo-yo. Cat offers to take the kids to meet his friend Bucky the Squirrel who is good at both hiding and finding things! Nick and Sally learn how to use markers to help them remember where they put things. Back at home Nick thinks like Bucky then is able to find his yo-yo! Educational Objective: Squirrels - How Squirrels hide and then retrieve the food they need to make it through the winter.
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