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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Pick Your Friends/Finola's Farm
Pick Your Friends It's Valentine's Day and Nick and Sally can't agree on how to decorate the card they're making for Cat. Does this mean they aren't really best friends? Cat takes them to meet Sheldon, a tortoise who knows all about friendship. They learn that Sheldon's best friend is completely different than he is and that being best friends doesn't mean you always have to agree. Educational Objective: Symbiotic relationship - how two animals who are completely different coexist in a mutually beneficial relationship. Featured animals: Giant Galapagos Tortoise; Darwin Finch. Finola's Farm Nick and Sally are trying to have breakfast but have run out of milk. The Cat arrives to take them to Finola's Farm to have breakfast with Finola. First they learn how to milk a cow, then they discover that cows milk can be made into butter and cheese and best of all - ice cream! Educational Objective: Milk - How cows milk is good for drinking and also makes butter and cheese - and even ice cream.
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