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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Surprise Surprise/A Howling Good Time
Surprise Surprise Try as they might, Nick and Sally just can't learn to do a somersault. Luckily Cat's friend Luis the Armadillo is the king of the roly polys! But when they find Luis, they learn that he only rolls when he gets surprised. They take turns trying to surprise him, and when they finally do, they're the ones surprised when they learn that not only can Luis roll, but he can even run underwater! Back at home, they follow Luis' advice and are now able to somersault! Educational Objective: Armadillos are amazing creatures who have a ball when it comes to self-defence! Their hard exterior armour protects them from knocks and bumps as they roll tightly into a ball to escape predators. They can also run very fast and walk underwater! A Howling Good Time Nick and Sally are pretending to be lost adventurers when Sally wonders what to do if you really do get lost. The Cat in the Hat knows a wolf pup who knows all about getting lost and found! In the Hooty Howly Woods Grayson shows them how wolves howl to communicate and to find each other. Now Sally and Nick know one thing to do if they get lost - howl for mom! Educational Objective: Wolves use howls in order to communicate and to locate one another.
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