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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Digging the Deep/Puddle Puzzle
Digging The Deep Nick and Sally are exploring how deep they can dig in the sandbox. The Cat arrives to whisk them away to the deepest place he knows - the bottom of the Swirly Whirly Ocean! They meet up with Aurilia the Angler fish who guides them to the very bottom of the ocean floor. Now that they've gone as deep as deep can be, it's off to find the next adventure! Educational Objective: Exploring the different levels of the ocean environment, down through the deep Twilight Zone to the ocean floor. Puddle Puzzle Nick and Sally are excited to jump in the giant puddle in their backyard - but it's gone! Where did it go? With the help of Cat's Seussian camera, they see that the puddle has turned into water vapour. Off they go to the Bluey Blue Sky to follow their puddle. They discover that the water vapor rises high into the sky, then cools off and falls as rain. They go back home and are delighted to see that their puddle is back. Educational Objective: The sun turns water into vapor, which rises up to form clouds. As the air cools, the water vapor condenses back into water droplets, which soon return to the earth again, as rain.
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