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Stripy Safari Nick and Sally set off on a safari with The Cat in the Hat to find all kinds of stripes. Along the way, Sally and Nick discover that stripes mean different things to different animals - the stripes of Jake the coral snake tells other animals to stay away, and Zelda and Zoran's zebra stripes help them to identify each other. And best of all, Cat discovers that his stripes are just right for him! Educational Objective: Stripes have different rolls in nature - as a warning to other creatures to stay away, to attract other creatures to them, or as individual distinguishing features. Wool Nick wants to learn how to knit a scarf like Sally, but they've run out of wool! A visit to Finola's Farm is the perfect place to get more. The Cat, Nick, and Sally have fun helping Finola get the wool from Feleecia the sheep and then turning it into yarn. Now Sally can teach Nick how to knit his own scarf! Educational Objective: Following the process of making wool into yarn from sheep onward.
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