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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: A Sweet Deal/King of Swing
A Sweet Deal Sally and Nick are having a hard time getting customers to come to their "cafe." What can they do? The Cat takes them to meet Eddy the honeyguide bird. Eddy shows them how he guides humans to bees' nests by making noise and putting on a show. Back at home, Sally and Nick follow Eddy's example and proudly serve their first customer! Educational Objective: The Greater Honeyguide bird (a.k.a. Indicator indicator) cooperates with humans by leading them to bees' nests, so that they can share the food inside. King of Swing Swinging from a rope isn't so easy for Sally and Nick. Good thing the Cat knows the king of swing, Charlie the chimpanzee! In the Leafylafoo Rainforest, Charlie teaches them how to use their hands and feet to swing as they help him search for bananas, his favorite food! Back at home, Sally and Nick mimic Charlie and swing across the backyard to where Cat has a surprise snack waiting for them - bananas! Educational Objective: Chimpanzees (aka 'pan troglodytes') are much like humans; they groom themselves, make and use tools for a variety of purposes, and love to play!
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