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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Big Cats/Fantastic Flour
Big Cats When Sally and Nick have difficulty sneaking up on Nick's Mom to surprise her, The Cat brings them to meet some great sneaker-uppers - cats! Three big cats in particular. The kids learn to be patient from a snow leopard, speedy from a cheetah and the trick of distraction from a lion. Back in Nick's yard they sneak up on his mom and surprise her! Then Nick and Sally are surprised when the best sneaker-upper sneaks up on them - The Cat! Educational Objective: Big Cat Hunting Styles - sneaking, running fast and a little trickery and teamwork. Fantastic Flour Nick and Sally are making their "Best Ever Yummy For Your Tummy" muffins when they realize they don't have enough flour. Cat knows just where to get more - Finola's Farm! With help from Cat, Sally, Nick, and the Things, Finola harvests the wheat then shows them how to turn it into flour. Now that they have enough flour, they can finish making their muffins! Educational Objective: Learning how flour is made by harvesting, threshing, winnowing and milling wheat.
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