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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Meet the Beetles/Tongue Tied
Meet the Beetles Nick and Sally must protect their cookie jar from cookie snatchers! But how? Well by meeting three of the Cat's beetle friends, that's how! Stan the Giant Stag beetle shows them how to look scary, while Cliff the Click beetle teaches them to make a noise them jump! And Bobbi the Bombardier beetle has a stinky surprise for those that try to sneak up on her. Now Nick and Sally can keep their cookies safe! Educational Objective: Unlike many insect beetles cannot as a rule take off instantly to the air. So many beetles have evolved means for "buying time" when under attack. Giant Stag Beetle Eyed Click Beetle; and American Bombardier Beetle Tongue Tied Mmm, there's nothing better than a blueberry popsicle, even though it makes your tongue blue! Speaking of tongues, the Cat has some friends with marvelous tongues! The kids meet Treetop Tom and see how his tough tongue can pick food off of thorny branches. Then Snifty the boa snake shows them how she uses her tongue to smell. And by using Cat's "Not-So-Fast-Glasses", they can see Colin the chameleon's lightening fast tongue get him his food. Nick and Sally realize that their tongues are pretty useful too… for asking for another popsicle! Educational Objective: Animals use their tongues in many ways to detect, catch and eat the food they need. Tree Top Tom, the Giraffe; panther chameleon; Madagascar ground boa, African Umbrella Thorn Tree.
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