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The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!: Manatees and Mermaids/The Last Chocolate
Manatees and Mermaids Sally and Nick are pretending to swim, but why not go for a real swim asks the Cat! Off to the Glippydrippy Gulf to meet Matilda the Manatee and her son Marlin. Matilda and Marlon teach their guests how to swim slowly and gracefully. Until they hear the sound of a boat motor! Those can be dangerous for manatees, but luckily the Cat, Nick and Sally help their new friends to stay safe. And when they get back home, Nick and Sally will be sure to tell everyone to "Slow down for manatees!" Educational Objective: Nick and Sally discover how manatees move slowly yet gracefully underwater and are at risk as a result from humans in boats. The Last Chocolate Only two chocolates left in the whole box, what a great present for Nick and Sally's Moms. That is until The Cat excitedly eats them! Oh no! How are they going to find more chocolate to give to their moms? By taking a trip to visit Princess Lottachoca in the Cocoalicious Forest! There, the Princess teaches Nick and Sally the chocolate-making song and they help to make chocolate. Now that the chocolate has cooled, it's time to go home and surprise their moms! Educational Objective: The process of how chocolate is made from the humble cocoa bean - by picking the beans, drying them, roasting them and then crushing them to get the juice, then adding sugar while you heat it, pour it into a mould and cool it.
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