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Curious George: Guest Monkey/Charkie Goes to School
George is almost as excited as Allie when it's her first day of school! It gets even better when she tells George he's invited to come with her tomorrow as a special guest monkey. Wearing his backpack and riding the school bus, George thinks he's got school down. He soon learns, though, that kindergarten has a lot of rules he isn't used to -- furniture isn't for climbing and you can't stand in the sand table. Oh, and oops, was that the plug of the water table he pulled out to investigate? As the teacher works on cleaning up her classroom, George (with the help of Allie and the other kids) works on building the teacher a castle she said she'd like. Will George be her knight in shining armor or will his efforts just create a bigger mess? / Charkie's building has a new rule - all dogs must have a good-behavior diploma from obedience school. But the day before the canine academy's final exam, Charkie still hasn't made it through the entire course! George steps in to help. He reconstructs the obstacle course on his building's rooftop and recruits the canine academy's top alumni, Hundley, to whip Charkie into shape. It doesn't work. Despite how hard they try, nothing keeps Charkie concentrated on the course. Then George notices that Charkie will do anything for a dog biscuit. Eureka! On the day of the exam, George leads Charkie through the course by tempting her with biscuits, but halfway through, the biscuits are gone! Can George figure out a way to get Charkie to cross the finish line amid all the distractions?
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