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Curious George: George and Marco Sound It Out/A Monkey's Duckling
Nothing can stop George from listening to his favorite band, Lobos de Plata, a Latin band that plays in Endless Park. So when the bandstand is taken down, George goes on a mission with his friend and band-member, 8 year-old Marco, to find a perfect place for the band to play. After a day of checking the acoustics at Pisghetti's, the zoo, and George's lobby, their last hope is the museum. Will it have a room that is quiet, won't produce echoes, and is large enough for an entire band? Educational Objective: To explore sound; To learn some aspects of a setting that may contribute to how things sound; size of the space, texture of surfaces in the space, and the presence of competing sounds. George is so anxious for Dumpling Duck's eggs to hatch that he takes over as chief egg-sitter when Dumpling takes a break. When the first duckling emerges and sees George, he thinks the monkey is his mama! As George shows his doting protege the differences between a monkey and a duck, can he convince the duckling that birds of a feather should flock together? Educational Objective: To be introduced to some differences between animals that hatch and animals that are "born alive". To learn about the concept of attachment between some animal parents and babies.
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