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Curious George: George's Home Run/Monkey on Ice
While Marco tries to hit his first Little League home run, George gets to play scorekeeper. Unfortunately, he can't remember the order of the numbers, so he isn't getting it quite right. Marco helps out by using a catchy song to teach George how to count from 1-10 and then George returns the favor by agreeing to be a pinch runner for an injured Marco. Can a speedy little monkey run the bases fast enough for Marco to get his first home run? Educational Objective: To learn the correct sequence of numbers and count from one to twenty. To say the next number up, given any number in the one to twenty sequence. To connect sequenced oral counting with physically arranged sequenced number tiles in a row. To count objects with assigned numbers by physically lining them up in order by number. To learn the relationship between numbers 1-10 and numbers 11- 20 (e.g., the relationship between 1 and 11, 2 and 12, etc.). Bill wants to earn another Junior Sprout badge by constructing and sleeping in an igloo, inspiring George to build his own. Only George wants his igloo to have windows and be big enough to fit his friends and furniture--not small and cozy like Bill's. When George's huge ice house leaves him freezing cold, he decides to build one in a much warmer location--inside the country house. Educational Objective: To develop awareness of different construction technologies and how building parts fit together.
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