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Curious George: George and the Giant Thumb/Shutter Monkey
A bored George and Allie decide to make a ginormous sculpture of Bill's sprained thumb. The duo quickly run out of clay and turn to less conventional art supplies. Peanut butter proves too sticky and shaving cream too drippy, so George and Allie use mud to finish their masterpiece. But will Bill give their art a thumbs up? Educational Objective: To explore the characteristics of different materials in relation to their use in sculpting. To be introduced to the concept of sculpting as a process. To explore materials, in this case for sculpting, and the influence material(s) can have on the outcome of a project. Betsy's "Out of Sight Shapes" entry for the photo contest is sure to win first prize--that is until George and Steve accidentally ruin her pictures. With some help from Steve, George runs around town trying to re-shoot the photographs. But finding the hidden shapes in things is hard for a little monkey! Can George snap 4 pictures of 4 shapes by 4:00…or are Betsy's prize-winning photos out of sight for good? Educational Objective: To recognize that some shapes have curved sides (like a circle) and some have straight sides (rectangle). To identify some of the properties of common shapes, such as number of sides and number of corners (angles). To investigate and predict the results of putting together shapes to make new shapes (e.g., 3 firemen + a hose = triangle).
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