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Curious George: Hamster Cam/The Great Monkey Detective
Steve's pet hamster, Hogie, is on the loose in the city streets with nothing but a small video camera tied to his back. George helps Steve track his whereabouts using clues from the hamster cam and his best monkeyish map-reading skills. But can a monkey with a map keep up with a hamster on the run? Educational Objective: To use simple 2-d maps to locate landmarks and to follow routes on the map. To begin to develop strategies for distinguishing between left and right. To describe the relative positions of objects by using words, such as "above," "below," and "next to." It's mystery movie night at Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. But the big mystery really begins when Chef Pisghetti's cookbook suddenly vanishes! A fan of Detective Basil Know-it-All, George, understands that clues are the key to solving a mystery. Will George be able to crack the case of the missing cookbook or will this mystery remain unsolved? Educational Objective: To design and create a solution to a problem through observational and transference learning.
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.