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Curious George: Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George's Low High Score
Curious George and the Dam Builders: George gets acquainted with a family of beavers when he notices the impact their dam has on his favorite pond. Building a dam looks like so much fun that George decides to build his own. But when a sudden downpour sweeps both dams away, George and the beavers have to figure out how to repair the damage together or their beloved pond won’t be a good place for beavers or monkeys! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To model that an organism's patterns of behavior are related to the nature of the organism's physical environment, heredity and experience./ Engineering design (technology) includes brainstorming solutions to a practical problem and testing the ones that seem most promising. Curious George’s Low High Score: George can’t understand why his high score of 257 isn’t a winner when he plays his first game of mini-golf with Steve and Betsy. How can a small number be worth more than a big number? After getting the lowdown on the principles of mini-golf, George is determined to get a low score next time, and so he builds his own mini-golf course for practice. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: To develop an understanding that in certain contexts a high number isn't always the best or most desirable.
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