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Classic Movie: How to Marry a Millionaire
The ALL-STAR FILM COLLECTION, available for station use from 2014 until 2017 includes 100 films. More than 50 percent of these titles have never before been seen on public television. The film package explores the work of legendary actors and actresses through many important films from their careers. From Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind to Cher in Moonstruck and Denzel Washington in Glory, viewers will have the chance to enjoy an exciting array of noteworthy performances. Feature films continue to be strong ratings performers for many public television stations. According to research conducted by Trac Media, many of the system's top ratings performers in recent years have come from APT's film packages. Please note that because of the demand for quality films in the commercial world, APT needs your commitment now in order to ensure the licensing of these titles and hold on to the projected windows. Confirmed film windows will be posted to Connect, APT's website and emailed to licensed stations. This collection is from four different feature film suppliers with the first title beginning in October 2014.
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