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Nova: Humans: Miracle Species
NOVA presents a spectacular three-part exploration of the ultimate story of humanity's origins and survival in the deep past. Award-winning Canadian filmmaker and anthropologist Niobe Thompson sets out to retrace the crucial steps in our species' global journey, combining groundbreaking new research with high-action adventure in some of the world's most extreme locations. Each episode culminates with a sobering real-life challenge designed to unlock a scientific mystery: Niobe joins San Bushmen on a grueling "persistence hunt" running down game in the searing Namibian desert; chases caribou with Siberian nomads and crosses turbulent Arctic seas in the type of traditional skin boat that brought the first humans to the Americas; and free dives with Burma's "sea gypsies," whose amazing ability to forage on the sea floor hints at how early modern humans may have thrived along the African coast. ?
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.