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Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope: JOSEPH ROSENDO'S TRAVELSCOPE
The Emmy-winning series JOSEPH ROSENDO'S TRAVELSCOPE enlightens and entertains viewers with enchanting destinations and diverse cultures from across the globe. Since 2007, TRAVELSCOPE has earned four national Emmys and 11 total nominations. Season nine finds host Joseph Rosendo exploring new countries and also returning to favorite haunts in Europe, Asia, South America and the South Pacific. He makes his way across the European continent along the Danube River, Europe’s second-longest river, where he travels from Budapest, Hungary through Austria to Nuremberg, Germany. Along the journey, a mosaic of magnificent cities, quaint villages, and fields and forests unfold, and each stop along the way reveals a piece of Europe’s ongoing cultural tale. Joseph continues his travels across Europe with a two-part episode in Armenia. From roadside fruit stands to riverside wine stalls and bustling markets, Joseph is welcomed into local homes to witness traditional artisans at work and join in religious and communal celebrations that inspire, enlighten and reveal the Armenian heart and soul. While in the country, he also visits ancient burial sites and historic churches, as well as the markets and homes of present-day Armenians. The award-winning travel journalist pays a return trip to South Korea, where he discovers that apart from the many attractions of the capital city of Seoul, once you get out into the countryside—many treasures await you. From world heritage temples to Olympic venues, and from historic towns to great food, Joseph finds a world of surprises. The new season also includes adventures to the Cook Islands in the Pacific, Taiwan’s Penghu Islands, and an exploration of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.
There are no upcoming episodes scheduled at this time.