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Ready Jet Go!: Beep and Boop’s Game/Constellation Prize
The kids help Dr. Rafferty and Bergs get Mars Rover BOOP over a ravine on the red planet by simulating actions in the DSA ?Mars Yard? using BEEP (Boop?s sister)! Trial and error leads to success. Along the way, the kids learn just how scientists communicate with far away rovers ? through satellites above Mars. The kids then solve a new mystery set up by Bergs, figuring out that Beep and Boop are communicating about? a game of Mars/Mars Yard tic-tac-toe they?re playing! / When Mindy thinks she?s found her own star, the other kids explain how stars are labeled and identified by constellations. Mindy eventually learns that she hasn?t found a new star, but that she CAN create her own version of a constellation by connecting patterns in the sky.
6/22/2018 8:00 AM (11.1)
6/25/2018 3:00 PM (11.1)