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Arthur: D.W.'S Stray Netkitin/Bats in the Belfry
D.W.'S Stray Netkitin - D.W. is panicked when a "Scary Clown" virus ruins the Read family computer. Who will take care of her virtual Netkitin pet? "Tickly" needs her hair brushed just so and will only eat Net Nibbles! So D.W. turns to Arthur and Emily for help-but is she really ready to give up control? Educational Objective: D.W. learns to value and trust her relatives and friends. Bats in the Belfry - Arthur and D.W. are thrilled when Grandma Thora lets them turn her attic into a clubhouse. They each have their own fantasy vision of what it should look likeā€¦ but their argument is interrupted by the appearance of a very real bat! Will the bat threaten their new play space? Or can they appreciate meeting this unfamiliar creature? Educational Objective: Arthur and D.W. learn to think creatively about sharing their play space, and in the process learn about the habits of bats, too.
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