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Arthur: War of the Worms/I Owe You One
War of the Worms Brain is always taking the fun out of Fern's storytelling by correcting her facts. She decides to teach him a lesson by spinning a tall tale that he can't help but believe. But things gets out of hand, when Fern convinces Brain that there really are giant worms attacking Elwood City! Educational Objective: Fern learns that there can be real consequences to exaggerating and telling tall tales. I Owe You One Buster's always asking Arthur for favors. One day he worries at the thought of having to repay them all at once, so Buster goes on a favor-repaying frenzy, helping everyone whom Arthur owes a favor to in hopes of getting himself out of this "favor debt." But is Buster forgetting the real meaning of friendship? Educational Objective: Buster learns what it means to help a friend out, without expecting something back in return. He also learns about the concept of debt in financial management.
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