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Arthur: The Perfect Game/D.W.'s Furry Freakout
The Perfect Game Francine is excited for Mr. Ratburn's coolest assignment yet - he's asked them to design their very own model cities! From minarets to fancy lights, Francine's got plenty of good ideas. But as the deadline looms, she's so obsessed with making everything perfect, that she can't seem to get anything done at all. Educational Objective: The kids in Mr. Ratburn's class learn about urban planning, and in particular about how to take the environment and sustainability into account when planning a city. Francine learns that being a perfectionist can keep you from achieving your goals. D.W.'s Furry Freak Out D.W. finds a stray kitten and begs to keep it - after all, Arthur has his own dog! But the unbearably cute kitten soon turns out to be a lot more than D.W. can handle and wrecks havoc (and fur balls) all over her life. Maybe D.W. isn't quite ready for a pet after all? Educational Objective: D.W. learns about the great responsibilities involved in taking care of a pet.
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