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Arthur: Silent Treatment / Kung Fool
Silent Treatment When quiet, shy George wonders if any of his friends really notice him, he has a great idea. He's not going to speak to anyone until they notice! Well when they do in fact notice he's been feeling sad, they decide to throw him a surprise party to make him feel special. But it backfires, when they need to avoid him to plan the party! Educational Objective: George and friends learn to work out a misunderstanding and to value what makes their friendships special. Kung Fool Fern volunteers to help an elderly neighbor, Tony Wu, with his household chores, and then discovers his past life as a Kung Fu celebrity. Suddenly she imagines herself as his student - and soon, she will be a Kung Fu master herself! But will Fern be disappointed to learn that dish cleaning and laundry folding are not really part of some special martial arts training? Or can she learn a valuable lesson in acceptance and friendship? Educational Objective: Fern learns that many of the stereotypes she had about martial artists and Asian Americans were misconceptions. She also learns about the importance of volunteering with the elderly in her community.
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