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Arthur: MacFrensky/The Good The Bad and the Binky
MacFrensky: When Francine and Brain are locked in a stiff competition to win student of the month, Muffy talks Francine into "borrowing" Buster's toy and letting Brain take the blame for it. As the lies grow and the prize gets closer, however, Francine's guilt increases. Can she come clean and wash her hands of this dastardly deed? Educational Objective: Francine and Muffy learn that one of the consequences of cheating is feeling guilty. They learn the importance of fair play in competition. The Good, the Bad and the Binky: As Emily's new babysitter, Binky introduces his charge to the world of pro-wrestling and teaches her some fierce moves. But when Emily starts ruffling the feathers of other pre-schoolers on the playground, Binky worries he hasn't been the best role model. Can Binky restore Emily to her former, tea-party loving self? Educational Objective: Binky learns a lesson in what it means to be a good role model. Emily learns that it's possible to have a range of hobbies, and even to try new things that people wouldn't have expected of her.
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