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Arthur: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble/The Secret Guardians
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble/ The Tibble Twins set out on new business venture - selling their pre-school art masterpieces to earn enough money to buy the coveted Krummy Kreepy Kastle. As their business takes off, so does their own appreciation for their art. Is the Krummy Kreepy Kastle really worth giving up their masterpieces? Educational Objective: The Tibble Twins learn to appreciate art for art's sake, and not for its monetary value. The Secret Guardians When Arthur, Binky and Sue Ellen stumble upon a beautiful and private woodland oasis right by their homes, they vow to tell no one and keep it as their secret spot. Before long, however, they start to find evidence of human habitation. Have they discovered an ancient civilization? Or has someone known about this special secret place all along? Educational Objective: Arthur, Binky, and Sue Ellen learn that there are beautiful wooded areas even in the midst of their city. They learn about the importance of protecting the environment in these woodland oases.
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