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Arthur: Paradise Lost/The Pride of Lakewood
Paradise Lost Baby Kate is growing up! She's started saying her first words. But strangely enough, the more words she learns, the less she seems to understand their dog, Pal. The two head off to the Children's Zoo in search of the Dolly Llama for an explanation, and to see if they can reverse the process. Along the way, they learn that growing up is inevitable and maybe it isn't so bad. Educational Objective: Baby Kate learns that growing means having to change - learning new things and sometimes giving up old ones. The Pride of Lakewood To boost school pride, Arthur and his classmates form the Lakewood Pride Committee, which immediately and fervently adds members, distributes buttons and creates special chants. But Brain and Sue Ellen, feeling pressured, decide they don't want to join - and are accused of not loving their school. Can they prove that they're proud of Lakewood Elementary even if they're not part of this new group? Educational Objective: Brain and Sue Ellen learn that it can be hard to stand up for your own opinions when they differ from the rest of the crowd.
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