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Arthur: Arthur Makes Waves/It Came From Beyond
ARTHUR MAKES WAVES: With the community pool closed for repairs and the temperature on the rise, Arthur and D.W. need a place to keep cool. After accepting an invitation to James's pool, they discover that his older sister is Molly, leader of the Tough Customers! Can Arthur and Molly get along-and if they can, will their friends let them? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Molly and Arthur cross age, gender, and social pressure barriers to find common interests and to become unlikely friends. IT CAME FROM BEYOND: Grandma Thora takes in a stray, an adorable little dog namedà Killer? It soon becomes clear that the name fits, as Killer bullies every person and animal in sight. Can Killer let her guard down long enough to make a few friends, or will she have to give up her new home? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Killer learns to trust others and overcomes her fear of abandonment, while her friends learn how to give second chances.
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