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Arthur: Three's a Crowd/A is for Angry
THREE'S A CROWD: Prunella's favorite time of day is early morning, when she and her Mom do yoga. So when her best friend Marina joins them, will Prunella feel that more is merrierà or that three's a crowd? Can Prunella learn to share her Mom - or will she have to give up yoga forever!? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Prunella learns to share her mother's attention with her friends, while realizing that nothing is more important than their relationship. A IS FOR ANGRY: When Arthur decides to take-on Brain at an all school checkers competition, everyone rallies behind the underdog. That is until Arthur rejects all the fan support with a big "yowl." Will Arthur get his fan support backàand does he even want it back? EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Arthur learns how stressful performance pressure can be and effective multi-media can be at skewing a public image.
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